oil mix ratio comparisons, usa and sa.

hi guys. i have read many of the ratios here on tt and living in africa was wondering about our differences. obviously here we work with millilitres and litres. according to our agents the standard is 250 mls to ten litres of gas which equates to 25 to 1. . . ? why the differnce. i read a lot of guys mix 40 to 1. just wondering?

You better stay in school.  250 mL to 10 L is 40:1.

lol yes 250 mls to 10 Litre is    40:1

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my bad, what i meant was does 40 to 1 equate to 25 to 1 on our side. we have easy mixers but not in ml configurations.

If you are in Southern Hemisphere, I think 40:1 is actually 1:40.


Hey - Maybe we can prove something that I've always heard about.  Does the water in your sink drain spin clockwise or counter-clockwise?


Mine goes CCW.

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