2014 TC250 with X-lite? worth attention bike?

i'm thinking to purchase new bike for 2014 season. One dealer have really good price on 2014 HVA TC250 with x-lite engine, it is really big diference in price compare to japanese brands, but i'm most afraid that diference in price can melt  really fast over parts price. So how it is with durability of this bike? It is very litle information about it. Very scary also that only most OEM parts are available... Can someone give an example how much coast engine rebuild on those bikes? what is commons problems? Any information is welcome :)))

We picked up a 2013 TC250r for my son, so far I'm pretty impressed with it.


Parts prices for consumables seem to be in line with the other manufacturers & there's a lot of common items (i.e. I think the oil filter is the same on a CRF450x uses, pads are the same as KTM, etc...)


Like any of the modern 4 strokes, clean and fresh oil & filters are your best friend. Good quality components on the bike right out of the box.


Cafe' Husky is a pretty good online resource; might want to call Zip-Ty Racing or Hall's to get a feel for rebuild cost(s) if / when needed.


I am considering picking up another (for myself) as the kid shouldn't have all the fun. It's a solid bike.


Good luck, feel free to pm me if you have any other questions.

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