Hatfield and McCoy

Myself and a few others are going to plan a trip to Hatfeld McCoy and I am looking for any info I can get.  Best way to keep your bike safe , best place to stay what trail heads have the most single track?  We are all over 40 and not the fast guys we use to be but more than 100 years experience on bikes between us.  I was thinking about renting a cabin with a garage near the Pocohantas trail head.   are all the trail connected so we could ride that trail head to Rockhouse trail head?



 Any info would be great

I've been to Buffalo mountain and Rockhouse. Buffalo has the best single track based on my experience and also has the best lodging. You have a lot of options there from cheap and a bit rowdy to a bed and breakfast type place with a hot tub etc.   


http://www.bluegooseinnwv.com/  - Great place to stay if you don't mind some rough edges and want to have a few drinks or discucss the best trails with the owner (who actively rides all of them). 


http://www.historicmatewanhouse.com/ - Best place to stay if you are bringing your wife. Also the best place to go to in the morning for breakfast and coffee (I walked over to KY one morning before I found this place serves breakfast even if you are not staying there). 


http://www.hatfieldmccoyresort.com/ - This is where I've stayed the past few years. He has a hose out back to clean your bike up, a washing machine to clean your gear, a small shop to fix you bike up (if needed), and a restaurant with good grub. 

Did the three lower last June. Stayed at Ashland resort. Found enough single track to keep us busy and challenged. It is fun to just whoop it up on the double wide. Cheap trip. The cabins are sufficient. Everything you need is within a short ride. Fresh tires are one thing I would recommend. Had a blast and can't wait to get back down there this July. Watch the mud holes.

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ThomasM summed it up well.

If you want to hit more than one trail system I suggest staying in Logan (Holiday Inn Ex or Chief Logan Lodge) and have a short trailer to Rockhouse and Bear Wallow and a little longer trailer to Buffalo (Rev Compton TH).

Plenty of riding between the 3 and not stuck riding from the same location every day.

If you have better halves involved on the trip then I would lean toward staying at the Chief Logan (run by WV park service). Indoor pool and hot hub along with access to a separate sports building. Bottom line is, if you want to ride single track then stay with the 3 trail heads to the west.

If you want to ride from your lodging area then I would go with any of ThomasM suggestions.

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