Hey guys I was just looking into some heart rate monitors for the gym and wondered if any of you have any recommendations. Im looking to get the best one possible. Or if anyone knows what the pro guys are using that would be awesome. I was looking into the Under Armour one but im not completely sold on it yet. Thanks

I use a polar f7 heart rate monitor in the gym and on the bike....very user friendly and wont break the bank....tracks all the needed info:

Heart rate

Training zones


Workout durations/daily/weekly/monthly

Its real nice to know what your body goes through while on the bike....then i set up all my workouts to mimic what the body goes through while on the bike

Nothing worse to train and train only to find out it wasnt enough and be exhausted at the end of a 2 hour race.....or over train and be tired all the time(been there before, it sucks) and yes over training is possible and more common than you would think

One thread can have multiple answers on it, no need to make 2-3 or more ;-)

One thread can have multiple answers on it, no need to make 2-3 or more ;-)

Ya that was my bad, I didnt think it posted because my computer shut off so i posted another without even checking.

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