Aaaand I'm Stuck (output shaft collar)

This sucks, I Finally get the garage tidy and organized enough in my new place to do some maintenance on the bikes and I immediately run into this problem.


First Job on the list:

Oil leak at the output shaft 

Got an All Balls countershaft seal kit

Pulled off sprocket

managed to remove seal


Now I find the shaft collar is TOTALLY stuck, I've yanked on it with anything that will get a meager grip. Everywhere I look people are like, "yeah it just slides off". Even the service manual indicates such. Anyone else ever run into this problem?


I'm being careful to not mar up the surfaces of the collar and the seal seat in case my only option is to replace the seal only and not replace the O-ring behind the collar and the collar itself. Frustrating. Any words of wisdom much appreciated. Thanks guys!

I'm at work and have mulling this over all day. I think I know what may be up. I bet you one of the previous owners tried to seal a leaky output shaft with some silicone inside the collar, effectively gluing it to the shaft. This sucks if it's true. It'll be a bear to get apart. I'll post pics and stuff for those who are interested.

SO it turned out to be something simple. I just needed put the bike in gear, get a hefty grip on it with some larger pliers and rotate and pull. It took a minute but it came loose. The O-ring was holding it position really well. All is good now, new kit installed and its looking good.

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