KX100 Squeaking Noise

2006 KX100

Hey guys my name is Theresa I'm new on ThumperTalk and I kind of need your help we just rebuilt the top end, the bike runs great BUT my son was riding yesterday after he got done we heard a squeaking noise seems like coming from motor it was loud, So just a few mins ago I start it back up to find out where it was coming from but no noise what so ever took it around the house nothing but when I was in first gear the bike seemed like it was over revving and felt like it didn't want to go 2nd gear same thing but a little better 3rd gear fine, can you please tell me what is going on with the bike I figure I will go ahead and get Clutch Pack I do need to change the transmission i'm over due on that but other then that the bike seems ok.

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As for the squeaking noise, there's no telling and no way to tell without being there to hear it, but if it starts doing it again, shut it off and go hunting for the cause.. Best way to tell if the clutch is slipping is to get the bike going fast enough to get it into 5th gear, then rev the motor up and dump the clutch out, if the motor pulls right down, clutch is probably still good. If it isn't, it will let you know. If you do put new plates in it, while it is apart, have a look at the clutch basket fingers for notching. If they are notched much at all, it can cause a lot of clutch drag (bike trying to move with the clutch lever pulled in). When you get everything done and it's time to fill it with oil, I always recommend good 'ol ATF. Best stuff you can use in a 2 stroke transmission and cheap to boot.

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When you say "over revving" do you mean it fells like the bike isn't getting all it's power to the ground?


Sounds like a clutch issue. You're going to need to take the clutch cover off and have a look at it. You might get lucky and only need a new clutch pack but by the sounds of it you may also have a grooved basket.

Moose_338 & OLHILLBILLY , Thank You for the reply :) , I am going to take it apart this weekend to see what's going on I will definitely look at everything you guys mention, I will let you know what it was hopefully by Sunday.

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