Stuck axle nut on 426

Has anyone else had the nut on the rear axle get stuck? It's a new bike, 7 mo old, and it's always been sort of stuck - I could back it off just enough to get the chain adjusted, but I could see that it was a problem. Recently it was so tight that it caused the other side of the axle to spin against the little metal plate that is supposed to keep it from spinning, and that metal piece is ruined. I am putting all new stuff on, and I'll use anti-seize, but any other hints would be appreciated.

I have never had that problem before. Maybe you are tightening it to much. Check to see what it is to be torqued at in your manual....


If you replace your axle with a titanium one, be sure to use a regular steel nut, not a titanium nut. Matching titanium nuts to titanium bolts will suposedly result in the problem you've described (anybody experienced this?).

Another potential trouble spot to warn you about is the steel chain adjuster screws that can "weld" themselves into the aluminum swingarm. Antiseize might be a good idea there as well.

I had the same thing happen on my 2000, someone overtightened the nut, I had to replace the axle, nut, and adjuster block. Make sure you torque the nut to the proper specs, after I did this I have never had a problem with it again, must be something to do with Yamaha, my R1 axle did the same thing.

Norman K.

Thanks for everyone's replies.

Norman - did you use any anti-seize on the new install?

Speaking of torquing the axle nut, I think the manual said 90 ft lbs. Seems like a lot, I just go to 60 and have had no problems.

The manual says 125Nm (I'm not sure how many foot pounds that is?). I've been setting it to this with no trouble. I assume that if it's not torqued properly (not tight enough) that the axel may slide forward under stress and put a lot of stress on the chain adjuster bolts possibly stripping them. Just a guess, I don't have any proof to back this up. :)

No, I never used anti-sieze, just tighten it.

Norman K.

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