Apollo (orion) 125CC?

So I've been digging to the ends of the internet and these forums to find anything on these bikes. I'm about to purchase one from a dealer that gets their bikes from cougarcycles.com.


I went and checked this bike out cause I'm skeptical of such a cheap bike. I don't plan on entering any races in the near future. Just banging around in my backyard some and getting back into riding again.


The bikes feels extremely solid. The suspension was surprisingly tough. It started easily and seemed to respond pretty well.


But I was dumbfounded when I saw it's metal gas tank. I haven't seen one of those in 20 years since I had a three wheeler growing up.  I called cougarcycles in both indy and atlanta and the guys made me laugh. One guy tried to tell me it was something with the EPA. The other said it was a better design and lighter/better for the bike.


I'm just skeptical whether these are really Apollo bikes from apollovehicle.com. I've reached out to them asking as well.


Anyway after that long rant i'm just curious if anyone has dealt with a company who orders from cougar or if you've purchased one of these bikes yourself.


I'm kind of shy on pulling the trigger on this bike mainly because I can't find anything on it anywhere. But it sure looks similar to the agb-37crf1 apollo makes besides that darn gas tank.


I appreciate the help!!


Apollo 125cc midsize.jpg


2014-07-13 12.44.14.jpgI just bought a 2010 Apollo AGB37, 125cc dirt bike and I really like it.  It also has a metal fuel tank.  I guess it adds a little weight but I prefer a metal tank over a plastic one. I don't know how much the PO rode this bike but it is still in great shape and starts on the first kick and runs very strong.  I replaced the oil seal on the clutch push rod because oil was running out of the side cover when it warmed up.  It's a OEM Honda part (91201-035-015) and I picked it up for $3.38 at the local Honda dealer.  It was a 10 minute job. The rear disc brakes are weak and I ordered new pads and a master cylinder on ebay from China.  the parts are very reasonable. ($10.99 for a master cylinder and free shipping, and $5.99 for the front and rear pads). I think the Orion and the Apollo are the same machine with different decals on the plastic. 

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