I have a 07 dvx400 and I got a lowering kit and it's not very high quality. I was wondering if I could use shorter shocks from another atv to lower it. Any suggestions?

Do it the right way....lol but seriously why are you doing it.  Have you had your suspension set up properly before you start throwing money and parts at it?

IF it is a sport quad DO NOT LOWER IT!!!!

I put 400ex shocks on the front and left the lowering link in the back and it rides 10 times better now

The more suspension the better. Why did you lower it?

The wider the better

So it would look better and handle better. Before it had 17" front shocks. If you tried to climb a hill or something all it would do is try to flip backwards now it climbs like one should

Ohh I didnt realize it had 17" shocks on it. Then yeh good job on that. My quad has 16's but I like them 

Yeah the 15" made it much better

Should have gone with 450 shocks.  The stock 400ex are junk.

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