long exhaust pipe

Hello, I have a really long exhaust pipe on my Honda crf250r 2013 and I'm thinking of making it shorter a bit, but I'm wondering, would it have any negative effects on the engine?



Would likely increase backpressure, which is typically the opposite of what you'd like an exhaust mod to accomplish.

i fink need to try, because  i hear a lot of opinion.

Less flow area = less flow. Your time and money.

one of my best friends raced the ISDE last year on a 2010 CRF250R. He barely failed the sound test, (stock 2010 canadian version muffler), the local Italian guys supplied him with a stock CRf250R euro spec muffler. It was a couple inches longer and had a smaller diameter outlet hole.

Result: quieter, smoother pull, easier to ride fast for a long time.

He has shelved the smaller louder muffler, now he only runs the stock euro spec CRF250R muffler.

My 2009 CRF450R had a short loud muffler stock, large diameter outlet hole. My 2011 CRf450R has a longer muffler with a smaller diameter outlet hole (Just one inch!!) I love how quiet the bike is and the power delivery of the 2011 is much better for a long tough race than the barky 2009 model.

Like the owners manual says: when you make changes, test lap times with a stop watch before and after the changes, to determine if it was a good change or a bad one. I have seen MANY people buy a loud exhaust, swear they are faster, but they are actually slower. The stop watch does not lie!

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