too cold to test

Well I just finished upgrading the starter idler gear. Yamaha Canada had replaced the crank and rotor and gave me the required idler gear all at no cost to me :) I also got the new z-start and scotts damper installed and am itching to get out to try them.

The only problem is that the temperature is at -24 Celsius outside my door and i'm too old and too much of a wimp to challange the elements. I can't believe it was +16 Celsius (60 F)just last weekend. It appears winter has arrived up here in the Great White North :D and it is time to hibernate till the spring breakup :D

Willy Fitz

Hey Willy, did you have any previous failurs of the woodruff key/crankshaft or did yamaha canada just upgrade you because of all the other people that have had problems??

I'm just wondering because I was in my local yamaha dealer a couple of weeks ago and the service guy hadn't heard anything about the starter gear upgrade. :)

I haven't had any problems yet and I have about 2000 kms on my 03 and had the lap and loctite fix done at the dealer. But its still in the back of my mind when I get 50 or 60 kms from the truck..

thanks in advance Todd in b.c. :D

Let us know how you managed to get Yamaha to pay for it. :)

Let us know how you managed to get Yamaha to pay for it.

Sure sounds like Yamaha Canada is working a lot harder at customer service Yamaha USA. I'm seeing Red in my future.

I did have a key failure and happened to be wearing mu heart monitor that day, After pushing the bike out of the woods with a few stops when the monitor started alarming, I took the bike over to my dealer and downloaded my heart monitor onto my laptop and showed my dealer that this bike almost gave me a heart attack. I may have also mentioned something about estate lawyers. I was told by my dealer that once the key had failed there was a high likelihood that the key would fail again and that there was a program in place to replace the crank (This was in late September). At the same time I was told that the service rep was attempting to get the 04 starter idler parts to upgrade the system. I personally know the service rep since he is in my bike club and had a chat with him at one of our meetings and basically got told the story as to what was going down.

From what I can gather I was just very fortunate to have an excellent dealer and service rep that understand the value of customer service. From what I have been told it is still up to the area service rep as to whether Yamaha Canada will provide the upgrades but all I can say is that my experience was extremely positive. Unfortunately from the posts I have read the same cannot be said elsewhere :)

As in life it is "who you know" that gets things done. Good for you. :)

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