What Engine Guard should I get?


On one of my past rides a few months ago a rock must have spun up off of my front wheel and dented my engine cluch case. I didn't notice until the end of the ride that I had a 1 inch crack and was dripping oil at a constant flow. (Thank goodness I didn't dual sport it that day and I hauled the bike to the dirt with my truck, or I might not have made it home)And thanks for the $4.00 tubes of JB weld which fixed the problem a day later.

Anyways I want to pick up a good guard for the bike, I've seen a couple of different styles, post a link with your recommendations on which one to get will ya?




Baja Designs sells a nice skid plate for the XR600R/650L that always worked well for me on my XR600. I am running the stock skid plate on my XR650R, but I never would consider that on the 650L.

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