California title/reg/stickers?????

Hey fellow dudes

My bud is thinking of buying a Bike from Canada

(it is way cheaper). has anybody out there bought a Canadian bike and brought it back to California?? How difficult was it to get the stickers/reg/title for the bike when you presented the Canadian paperwork.

The bike will come with a NVIS (Canadian equiv of the MSO) or a registration from a Canadian province and the US Customs immediate entry invoice to show the bike legally entered the US.

Along with a bill of sale you would think that this would be sufficient???

Anybody with experience or knows someone I can talk to about this, your help would be greatly appreciated.

you should try this ? on the wr side. i know there is a few guys in ca with canuk bikes.

Better yet, go on the CR450 site. Seems alot of guys are buying their bikes in Canada and bringing em back to the states. A bill of sale and certificate of origin should suffice, leave the Canadian stuff out and he may just get a green sticker.


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