wr 426 engine removal

Can you give a sugestion on how to remove the motor anchor bolt that goes through the swing arm pivot. The bike is up on a stand to remove excess tension on the pivot point. After removeing the nut on one gear shift lever side I have tried to tap the bolt out. I did this with a plastic block and a small hammer to avoid damaging the bolt. However, It seems to be frozen on. The service manual shows this as the last bolt to come out (if I am reading it correctly.) I even tried putting all the other anchor bolts back in just in case it was binding. I also loosened the spring tension on the rear shock a few turns to were the spring could be turned by hand with some force. I would have loosened it more but it was also being a little difficult.(yes I loosened the top of the two nut rings firsts)What do you think? Thank You for any help! :)

Assuming that you removed the linkage bolts and at least the lower shock bolt, the swingarm shaft should come out without much problem if it has been maintained properly. The shaft may be hitting the brake pedal when you are trying to remove it,push the pedal down or remove it. You should not have to loosen the shock spring at all to do this job. I suggest you get yourself a service manual for your bike. Good Luck---WR Dave.

Thread the nut back on the end to protect the threads and give it a whack. Sounds like you may have some rust holding things on. I just had mine apart to lube the suspension and it came out easily.

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