2012 WR450 starter removal and radiator fix

Raced for the first time ever.  San Manuel Copper Classic, Arizona hare scramble.  I would like to remove the starter for weight saving.  I cannot find any info on how to plug hole where the starter spline attaches to gearing to turn motor.  My only thought is to remove internal parts from starter and reinstall as a sort of blanking plate or have a plug machined. GYTR doe's not seem to sell a plug, or plate. I raced the bike without battery and it did great.


I bent the left radiator in a fall and though the GYTR radiator brace did its job some of the fins are compressed no leaks though. I would like to remove the radiator and apply liquid metal to the damaged fins as a precaution.  Would this be a good fix


Thanks in advance


WR racer


Something happen and I may have posted this twice.  Sorry

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