'01 WR426 w/ Calif. Plate What's it worth?

I am selling my '01 WR426 with a Calif. plate and need to know what is a reasonable price to ask. It is stock with low hours (20-25), in fact, its been garagebound for the last year. It's a Canadian bike with the Baja Designs kit installed and a Trail Tech speedo. I have both the stock US muffler w/ spark arrestor and the Canadian muffler. The bike has been well maintained from day one--torn down to grease all bearings and linkages before first ride, oil & filter changed/cleaned after every two hours of ride time, etc.

I have checked Kelly Blue Book and NADA and have the prices for a basic WR, I've got to think that one with a valid Calif. plate and regristration good through Nov. '04 is worth a little extra. Thoughts?

Yes, I think it is worth more. Also, these bikes in CA tend to go for more money than other states. My guess, if in excellent shape, you could get $4500 or more. Good luck with it. :)

How about posting it for sale here on TT. It will avoid all the idiots calling and asking if it's the ATV.

With the clean VIN and CA street bike title it should move fast.

Also consider posting it for sale on the AMA Dist 37 dual sport message board. The link is below. Registration is free and I think there's no charge for posting in the 4 sale section.

Dist 37 message board

Thanks for the input!!

Hold onto it for a couple of months. After the end of january your bike will be a rarity. No more dual sporting of bikes in CA. Then sell it.


I just picked up a bike just like that. I paid $4300 in SoCal, but I got more extras than I know what to do with. :) Keep in mind that I looked at at least a dozen bikes. Yea, it was a pain, but I finally got a great deal. There's a lot of fools out there asking way too much for their bikes (I saw some really crappy bikes that were going for more than I paid). If your bike is as nice as you say, you should be able to sell it without any problems.

If you're in a hurry, you could probably let it go for cheap. If you want more cash, it's going to take a little while longer.

Keep in mind that January isn't the best time to sell stuff since everyone is broke from the holidays (like me :D ).

Just two weeks ago I bought a beauty of a '01 WR426 with ALL new plastic, newer chain, race tech suspension, skid-plate, enduro engineering bark busters, Flatland Racing radiator guards, and a box of parts including a header! Paid a whopping $3100 for it.

I actually did look at this guys WR while he was posting it on Ebay, if its the same one (sure sounds like it). The reserve was a bit high, even with a Baja designs kit. :D

Like my brother says, "if it means that much to you, just keep it becuase nobody else is attached to it yet".

I shopped a TON for my WR, and unless you want one that is in showroom condition and are willing to pay $4-$5k for it, most of the ones in good shape are going pretty much for $3300-$3600 (I've seen some NICE ones going for $3600). :). These things go forever for the most part, so I would recommend to anybody looking now to not pay any more than $3500 for a top notch bike.

If you are asking too much, you'll know by the response you get. Then strip down the bike of all the aftermarket accessories, put 'em on Ebay, and try to sell the bike stock for a more reasonable price. :D

For what it's worth anyway....


Typically a plated bike will get you about $500 more, if you find someone that must have a plated bike. Otherwise you are only selling a low hour bike, which should be worth the full KBB price.

Hit up the Dual Purpose message boards. Remember also, that it is not in season, so expect to get less for it...no matter what KBB quotes.

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