Cracked balancer drive gear!!

Just tore my bike apart (2000 426) and found out my balancer drive gear is cracked. I know it was due to not changing the cb key earlier but does anybody know what one of these things cost? I'm going on a 320 mile Mexico ride next Saturday and hope that I can get it fixed in time. And, any suggestions on where I can get one quick. I live in Menifee. Riverside county. Thanks

What does not changing the "cb key" have to do with a cracked balancer gear? Is this a normal maintenance item I should be changing? I don't know anything about it so, if you would be so kind, elaborate please.

I don't think that it is regular maintenance but if you hear some knocking on the right side of your case you need to have it checked or check it yourself. Do a search on this site for cb key..

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