"WR450 Woodruff Key Problem is SOLVED" -

I love that commercial!! :)

YES sjw. Physics is Physics. A given force will cause the same failure of the same design every time! Because of different jetting and starting conditions some have failed and some haven't. If you brought them all in a lab with the same jetting and same start conditions they would all fail at the same time. <ul type="square"> Unless Yamaha is hiding something else, such as a production run of defective parts, which is very possible seeing how they have behaved thus far, BUT based on what we have seen on this site it looks like a DESIGN DEFECT. In other words, shoddy engineering. I know it when I see it, I have been in the field for over 20 years.

It is a real shame because there is alot that I like about this bike and would luv to keep it. I rode my partners Honda CRF450F this past weekend and truthfully there wasn't an enormous difference between the two bikes. The CRF turned easier in tight woods and the WR had much better mid throttle hit, right where I like it. I preferred the Yamaha power and the Honda handling and suspension. If you could only have both in the same bike... :):D :D

btw, TWO (2) more woodruff key failures were reported today.. wjc2003 and law_boy


I'm going to give my bike one more opportunity to hold together. If I shear one more woodruff key, I'm going to trade it in for whatever the dealer will take and buy a new one. :)

I have never had to worrie about a bike failing like this one,I like it except for when is it going to go? dont think I should have to spend extra money on parts that should be good in the first place.no problems yet , hope it makes it till the crf450x comes out! or yamaha takes care of this...

I looked at the HONDA CRF250X today at the dealer and it is super sweet.... It is probably the perfect ride for the thick southeastern woods which we ride. I am not sure if it would be enough for the more open country which is probably more typical of where you ride, but it is certainly worth a look. My partner rides a CRF450 and he is fast in both tight woods and open terrain. :)

<ul type="square">

The wholesale tradein on your 03 WR450 is only $3,400. The word is out on the KEY situation and we are all screwed. I am not ready to take that kind of a hit thus will stay put for a little longer.

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