YZ426F Flywheel on WR426F with WR Stator?

I found a 2001 YZ426F stator and flywheel for a good price. Will the YZ426F flywheel work on my 2001 WR426F with the original stator? I figured that the lighter weight of the YZ426F flywheel would really add some quick revving to the WR.

Also, is the gray-wire mod. completely independent of the YZ cam-timing modification? Does one work without doing the other? Are there any real performance gains by doing only one, or should both be done?


I have been in the process on puttin WR stuff on my YZ and I asked this same question to the guys at Eletrex U.S.A. and they let me know that the WR stator will not work with the YZ flywheel.

You will need to run the stators as a set. YZ with YZ and WR with WR.

Let me know if ya want to get rid of the WR flywheel & stator. :)

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