DRD muffler packing

I have the aluminum DrD exhaust and was wondering what I should use to repack it for the first time... the Moose Racing "pillow sleeve" packing, or the DRD "roll pillow" packing? I have used the Moose packing on my other bikes with different brand exhausts, and I know it works good. But is the DRD packing better for their exhaust?


Also, I've put about 37 hours on my YZ since I installed the DrD. I recently noticed light grey marks going down the bottom of the muffler that looks like a stain from something, but I cant get it off. Could it be burn marks from the packing deteriorating? The decals on the muffler are fine though.

Idk what to tell you other than don't use the fmf packing lol My packing blew out so i used that stuff and it was gone before the end of the first day. , sold the bike packingless

get the DrD packing that has stainless steel wool core. That will last more than 6 hours...  worth the little extra money

The moose pillow insert lasted quite a while.. well over 20 hours. But that was on 250s. Wouldnt the DRD packing be better? almost 40 hours and the bike isnt that much louder.

I have been running the spark arrestor if that makes a difference... does it?

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