Supermoto rims for 2013 KTM 500 EXC

I want to get a set of street tires and wheels for my 2013 500 EXC. Problem is I have no idea what size or brand to buy. I've seen a lot of Warp 9 and Behr Germany wheels for sale. And most sizes I've seen are 17 inch rims 3.5 wide in front and 4.25 wide in the rear. Are those good sizes to go with? What about the brands, has anyone heard of Behr? Are the Warp 9 wheels any good? Any input or recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks.

I have the KTM PowerParts Supermoto wheels for my 2014. They are super nice. tubeless and light. they are 17x3.5 front and 17x4.25 in the rear. The sizing is pretty good. No clearance issues and with the right size tires it handles great.

What benifit will I get from a solid rim verses and spoke wheel ?? Trying to keep price to min ? Not thread stealing

I'm in the same boat here with a 2014 500 EXC. Dealer recommends Warp 9 rims and I am considering Michelin Power Pilot tires. Any feedback on either of these choices would be greatly appreciated. Also...I am running bone stock at the moment as the bike is brand new. Getting the second set of wheels in hopes that I can pull a 20 minute changeover between road and off-road.

Planning to get a larger rear sprocket for the off-road set and would like to know what rear sprocket someone would suggest for the street set as well as a good common size for the front sprocket. C'mon Thumper talk...make my life easy! :-)

500xcw here on Behr rims around ktm hubs and no complaints. 


17x3.5 / 5 and minor chain rub on a 160. 


I just cruise around on the 17's and my gearing is set up 15/40. Revs are real low.

I have about 34 miles on my 14 exc and am really close to pulling the trigger on some wheels and tires for the road just not ready to bust out another 3k for all the things I'd like to do :/ but I feel wheels and tires is where to start considering I bought it to street ride and occasional national trail riding 17s front and back and the ktm stater kit looks better and better by the day

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