cable choke question

I just bought a chinese 250cc bike for friends to ride when they come by.  I'm replacing the carb on it but not quite sure how that will affect the cable choke.  Specifically, I want to know if the cable that is on the handle bars can be used with a different carb.  When I took the existing carb off the choke assembly was easy to remove but i'm not sure if I just attach the cable to new carb or if i need to use the assembly that came off the old carb.  This is my first time messing with carburetors so it's a little confusing.  The carburetor i bought is for a cable choke.  Any help would be much appreciated.  Thanks guys

not sure why this was moved but can you please move it back to the technical forum.  It's a carburetor question.

It was probably moved to here because it is a Chinese bike, and most assuredly has a Chinese carb on it. The Chinese carbs may LOOK like a Keihin or Mikuni, but that is where the similarities end. 99.99% of the time, the jets and/or parts are not interchangable.


To answer your question, if you want to use the choke cable on the bars, you have to buy a compatible carb with the same choke mount setup, in order for the cable to mount to the carb. An alternative is putting a carb with a manual choke lever or plunger you can easily access from the left side of the bike.

That's why I don't run this site lol, thanks.  I wasn't sure if the new carb would come with the mount or if i had to remove the old one and switch it over to the new one.  Thanks for clearing that up.

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