Mesa Mx this Sat (15th)


That's a where I'll be and hopefully Garry has the frikin' kickers cleaned off a few of the jumps (especially the one that made me eat my lunch pretty good 8 weeks ago!!).


Dang DonO long time no see!  I admit I have not been "here" in quite a while.  Bike is collecting dust.  Working on a new car project (hear you have one too).


Last time I rode was Mesa.  Been back with my younger son to "pit" for him.  Hope to do the FTR race there soon.  I too went down hard there the last time on the bike.  The back section right before the whoops.  Had a nice line over the single leaning the bike over in the air and landing in a line.  Worked great till I leaned a little too far and the front end tucked and over the bars I went!  If you get out of the main section the ground is real hard when you crash on it!



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    • By Daylan Smithey
      Hey I was wondering if anyone new why my bike won't start, every 5 to 10 kicks it will backfire and that's all it will do. the other night I roll started it and it started but ran terribly. Got it from a guy saying it was in a building for 8 months. took the carb of cleaned the jets out and put it back on, now when I kick it it sounds like it wants to start but doesn't. also there's no more backfiring.
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      Hello all,
      There's been a lot of talk about how to register a dirt bike in states that don't allow it.
      I just moved to North Carolina and for the first time in my life might be able to afford a bike. I've been dreaming about an XR650R for a long time, but they're not cheap. Plated bikes seem to be more expensive too. So here's my question, has anyone tried to plate a dirt bike by adding all the necessary features and having it inspected as a custom bike? Anyone know of another way I can plate an xr650 in NC?
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      Any one up for ridin' local today? Beaulies and I are riding for a couple hours this afternoon in South Zero Gulch.
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      not allowing any dirt biking on private property. PERIOD! IOW, no riding dirt bikes in Burke county.
      There was a meeting recently where our voice was heard. There is another meeting Dec 8th, but no public input for that one. We can show up to listen. Anyone that's a member of the NCHSA can check the message board to learn more. Write the County commisioners and attend any meetings you can. This is an important battle that hits close to home, and can affect ALL of us in the area.
      All over ONE track.