Mesa Mx this Sat (15th)


That's a where I'll be and hopefully Garry has the frikin' kickers cleaned off a few of the jumps (especially the one that made me eat my lunch pretty good 8 weeks ago!!).


Dang DonO long time no see!  I admit I have not been "here" in quite a while.  Bike is collecting dust.  Working on a new car project (hear you have one too).


Last time I rode was Mesa.  Been back with my younger son to "pit" for him.  Hope to do the FTR race there soon.  I too went down hard there the last time on the bike.  The back section right before the whoops.  Had a nice line over the single leaning the bike over in the air and landing in a line.  Worked great till I leaned a little too far and the front end tucked and over the bars I went!  If you get out of the main section the ground is real hard when you crash on it!



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