Looking for ABQ old guys to ride with


Not only would I like to find new places to ride but also meet up with some riders of my ability.  Young guys a really good to ride with but I hold them back cuz I just don't ride the moguls flat out like they do.  The areas I ride now are Rainbow and Tejas.  I'd really like to go north, I hear they have dirt to ride on there.  BTW I'm 63, workout a few days a week, walk/hike a lot and ride bicycle when it's warm.


Thanks, Doug

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    • By derrelw
      I live in Rio Rancho and love to ride in the Jemez Mountains just north of us. I ride mostly in the Rio Puerco just west of town because it's a 20 minute drive from my house. Anyone else from New Mexico?
    • By polarbear
      I am reading all over the place of all the complaints of not having a motocross track to ride on in the El Paso/Las Cruces area. I have just moved here from my business in Mexico and have a track there. I am 100% interested in building a track somewhere in between. I do not know of all the legal things that need to be done or of any land to build it on. If any of you have any info please let me know or PM me or email me polarosoman@yahoo.com Here is a link to some pictures of my track in Mexico on TT.
      I own and operate my own professional motocross track in Mexico. Website is www.freewebs.com/helltrack
    • By 505Fire
      Hey everyone from Farmington or those from the area that use Farmington trails read this link to a thread on Pirate4x4 http://www.pirate4x4.com/forum/showthread.php?t=842701
      The velo de animas bicycle club is basically trying to shut the area off to all users other than bicyclists and stuff us all into the open OHV area. The BLM is also accepting comments on their website at the below link.
      Also everyone please join NMOHVA New Mexico Off Highway Vehicle Association they are helping us fight to keep our right to us public lands.
    • By dooleyblu
      I started this is a group so we can gather and hit the trails and off the beaten path with our dual purpose motorcycles. I would like to find a pool of riders so that we all have a buddy to go beyond the local trails. Would like to organize rides both on/off road to places like the Jemez, Rio Puerco and any place there are mountain trails. I would like to get together and practice technique, get to properly aquatinted with the full capabilities of our bikes and ride!
      Sign up and check it out!
      Thank You,
      for next season I want to find some new singletrack places, i love the woods, can u help ?