How does riding make you feel?

To me riding sets me free from life problems and relieves me from stress.

It makes me feel like I spend WAY too much money :wacko:   There must be reason why I keep doing it though.


My investor friend is always like "I find it so peculiar that anyone would spend money on a depreciating asset"....  I think I'll take him out this summer and show him why...

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It makes me feel like I spend WAY too much money :wacko: There must be reason why I keep doing it though...

haha hell yeah! It's an expensive thing to do

Just like this


Like I'm having a good time. It's FUN and EXCITING !!!

Just like this

Yep,pretty much sums it up.

haha hell yeah! It's an expensive thing to do


Yeah, I get that it's expensive.  I've been riding and fixing these things for 28 years.  It was a joke man :-)

Makes me feel like a kid again. No worries......

Makes me sore

Makes me sore

no doubt haha

Full time job + 17 units of college + GF = Stress and no time.


Riding makes me feel alive, it gives me the adrenaline rush I need and puts a smile on my face.

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It's the adrenalin rush far me,even though it takes a lot less to achieve it these days

Good....REALLY good.

As many have said above, It makes me feel free!  I ride a crf250L dual sport and to me there is nothing better than riding the bike around looking for dirt roads, trails and general off road fun to get into.  It also is a great way to get away and de-stress.   Because I am always aware and alert (and while riding my mind is clear of all other things which only really happens when riding.


I love it! 350 total lifetime riding miles so far and I can't wait to log many more :)

Like a cat on catnip :goofy:

Tired and old....

Makes me feel like popeye...after a big can of spinach.


Look at those forearms.




Tons of fun.... Scary kinda fun... Super challenging.

It's definitely theraputic. You can't be thinking about your relationship issues, bills, work problems or anything but that big rock, tree root, cliff, or immovable tree down the trail. Expensive? I disagree. How much does a shrink cost per hour? How about a physical therapist? You con work out some of life's stress at the gym but how many hours of that would it take to equal and hour in the dirt. What's your time worth.

Makes me feel like the daily grind doesn't exist.

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