Eric Gorr - Thumbs Up

I purchased a YZ 144 kit from Eric Gorr and ran it for the summer.  The bike ran amazing.  I pulled the cylinder down this winter and found that a power valve bolt had come loose and was rattling around in the power valve area.  Under closer inspection I found that the bolt hole was helicoiled crooked and the helicoil had pulled out.  I contacted Eric and explained the situation.  He said to send him the cylinder and he will make it right.


I received the cylinder back the other day.  The bolt hole was repaired, the cylinder was honed and he threw in a gasket kit and a set of rings.  All for no charge.


I know the issue should have never happened in the first place but it was good to see Eric stand by his work.  Just figured I would share my experience.  


Eric's gonna be 144'ing my 2003 CR this summer. I don't care if it makes me eat ramen noodles and walk to work. 

He did a good job on my 265 kit, port, and matching head mod this winter. First couple of complaints.

Yeah , the 144 kit works well on the 125

Had him do more mid to top end port/ head work on my bike and I put a v force 3 reed cage in along with air striker carb.... Completely blows the stock motor away but still don't rip as hard as I wanted it to... I guess that's just the max potential the factory electric rc power valve motor will do... I haven't raced it against my 98 cr250 yet ( stock and it rips) but I'm hoping it will smoke it and it's just really smooth... But I have no complaints as the motor runs awesome and suits my purposes very we'll... Next upgrade I will do is stealthy fly wheel weight and a steering stabilizer

I've also noticed that about Eric. Awesome guy who does in fact stand by his work like you mentioned. He did a 295 cc big bore in my 05 RM 250 and when my hot rods crank failed and blew my motor, including putting a crack in my cylinder, Eric repaired my cylinder at no charge, even though it wasn't his work that failed. Awesome guy and awesome service that I'd recommend to anyone.

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