What Is The Best Oil For The Chinese Motor Pit Bikes?

I have read many threads and most say Shell Rotella T 20w 50w non synthetic is what they use in thier thumpers. Most said since it was made for diesels, it works great for a wet clutch. Is the Shell Rotella 20w 50w still good for the chinese motors like the SSRs??

any oil is good for them really.  i use rotella, castrol, and whatever oil i have at that moment

Hello ToddLoversPitBikes,


My hand book says, use 20-50 wt, non synthetic, 4 stroke oil, made for motorcycles, (I assume).  I believe any motor that can use regular non synthetic oil, can also use synthetic oil with horsepower increases due to less drag.  At Wallmart, I found motorcycle synthetic oil made for motorcycles with wet clutches, it is 10-40 wt, which is fine.  I am using it now without any problems. If you can find it in 20-50wt, get that instead is my only change.


If someone knows why I can not do this, let them comment here now.  I want to know.




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