dune setup

Gonna be runing my 14 450 xc-f at The dunes quite often this summer and wondering what everybodys doIng for your rear wheel setups. I'm looking to buy a new rim hub assembly along with a paddle and tube. Also debating a different rear sprocket size. My bike came equippee with 18" rear wheel. Should I buy a 18" for the dunes or a 19? What sprocket would I wanna run? I'm looking to find a 10 paddle skat trak viper. Anybody know any dealers???



Nobodys cruising there ktms in the dunes? Think I'm gonna go with the 19 inch rear wheel. Easier to find a burned up tire for a casing for skat trak to turn into a viper.

Just ordered up a new tusk impact rear wheel assembly for the bike. Now just gotta figure out gearing and find a casing to send off to skat trak.

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