Ramp Build

Hey guys, just wanted to post some pics of a 8ft comp ramp i built a few months ago.

Took about a week working on it every night after work an one weekend. 

i cut up old machinery around the farm to build it and used checker plating for the face. 

:rolleyes:  :rolleyes:

IMG_2954.JPG   IMG_2961.jpg




IMG_2987.JPG   IMG_2991.jpg


in Europe ATM but will be building 3 more when i get home.





Sweet, looks good! Did you use the Rev ramp Dimensions for that? How does it throw you??

Hey man, argh i got no idea i got em off google yeah haha, i think its the same yes, and honestly i would like a bit more hang time but, I'm only running it at 50ft atm, I left it at that before i went to Europe, i should be home end of april ill be able to take her to 80ft an tell u ha.

Great job man, looks like a good time!

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