Used 2009 YZ250F what to look for?

Hey dudes,


Currently I have a 2002 YZ125.  I am 20 years old, 6'2, and weigh around 180-185 with gear on.  I am looking to upgrade because I don't enjoy having to use the clutch everywhere and having no bottom end power. I found a 2009 used YZ250F at a dealer and it looks pretty clean but I have never owned a four stroke so when I test ride it what should I be listening for, looking for, etc?


I know the basics like checking the fork seals, sprockets, chain, bearings in the wheels, swing arm, shock, linkage, steering head, etc but is there anything else I should look at?


If they don't know how many hours are on it what is a good way to check?  Clutch cover wear, frame wear?  Do the aluminum frames show wear on them?  


This will be my first four stroke so I am just being careful.  Yes, I am ok with changing the oil and air filter every ride yadda yadda.


Also, what are some pros and cons to this year of the bike?  I have done some research and found out that they are mostly all bottom and mid power but I am ok with that.  Any big issues or gripes?  Am I too big for it?


Here are some pictures



Make sure it will corner. Coming off a 125 that will, this may leave you on the ground for no apparent reason quite often. Those pre '10 models just didnt go where you felt that you had them pointed.

I rode an 03, 06, 07, 10, and 13 for a fair amount of time. The first 3 mostly felt like riding a mtn bike with a long steering stem, for lack of better description. Lots of steering input would directly translate into a fair amount of understeer. It was weird. The 03 was mine for almost a decade. Just about when i felt accustomed to it, i realized it wasnt for me. I came off a 125 before buying that one new. The jetting was fixed, though.

I will be mainly using the bike for woods and single track riding so that turning issue could be a problem. How bad is it really? Would you not reccomend the bike?

I have an 07, IMO I dont have any of the issues he is talking about. I actually feel like its goes where I point it...sometimes that doesnt end well either. Lol. And I thought the 09 was better yet then my 07 (dont quote me on that). I know these were not the BEST handling bike...AND, there is a huge difference in how it feels when you dont set the bike up right for you (ie checking sag, which alot of people dont do). I had a buddy with an 09 who just rode it how he got it....after we set his sag and such....he was shocked at how much better it felt immediately.


I honestly dont feel most riders out there can honestly pinpoint the handling differences in bikes, because I dont think a lot of riders are capable of taking in all the variables of every corner, nor are they consistent enough in those corners to REALLY distinguish one from the other all the time. They may feel more comfortable on one or the other, and that could be from one instance early on that inspires confidence or kills it, a terrible setup, etc...and they are scarred from there. These are great 4t's if the bike has been taken care of, I wouldnt shy away because one person says the handling is bad, or one person (me) says they dont find the handling to be a problem...especially because you are not even talking about MX.



Again, there is no doubt some bikes are just better at this or better at that...I just dont know if YOU...and i know me...should be that concerned with it.


Lastly, there is a whole thread someone JUST made recently about buying used bikes and what to look for...its around here somewhere in the yz/wr 250f forum....cant be too many pages back.

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Thanks for all the insight man! I actually just found the thread and it is pretty helpful. But can you answer one question, does the aluminum frame on the 09 show wear? I see 2010s on Craigslist with lots of wear marks on the frame but none on this 09 at the dealer.

Yea, the area where my boots hit a lot shows more wear the areas they dont. Its mostly a scratched up dullish look. Could it be polished to look more like original? That I dunno, but I know certain areas of my frame look more worn then others. And yes, covers also show wear where boots contact them. I bought a brand new OEM clutch cover this year and it looked worn pretty quick. Hard to say in those pics how worn everything looks. Did they not have any idea on how many owners the bike had....approximate hours, anything? I mean an 09 is not THAT old, but 3-4 years of a terrible owner with lower overall hours could be far more destructive then a meticulous owner of 5-6 years.


Its hard to say really if no one has any idea on hours, still some level of risk, but if overall it looks pretty clean outside of areas of normal wear...i wouldnt be too worried. I would for sure ask the dealer if they know any valve history on it though. Never hurts to ask as this is the biggest wildcard with any of these bikes.

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Looks nice from what I can see in the pics. Side cover paint wears pretty quick on that year. The blue plastic shows white stress marks pretty easy from normal wear. I know guys your size that prefer 250f's. Getting the suspension setup for you will help on any bike. You can always check valves and grease linkage and replace wheel bearings just to have peace of mind.

I bought an a well used 09 from a friend of mine 2 years ago after he put a new piston and valves in it. I had to replace that middle inake valve after a year but other than that it has been bullet proof. I too had been riding a 125. The 125 was fun and all but the YZ 250F was so much easier to ride for me. I rode a long enduro on the 125 just before I sold it, went back the next year and rode the same event on the 250 and was really pleased with how much energy I had at the end of it compared to the year before. I am tall also, 6' and I moved the bar clamps to the front position on the tripple clamps and found it way more comfortable. The hardest thing for me was to learn the different starting procedures. I had my suspension done by Factory Connection and I have a rekluse. All I do is ride trails and hare scramble. The one in the picture you posted really looks clean. I am sure you will love it.

Thanks for the info everyone. I'm definitely going to take it all into consideration when I go take a look at it.

Had an 07 for two years. Never a motor issue except when starting it. 250 hrs logged. Trails only. Reliable motor.

Front end did push some. I'm same height and had a pro taper accutrax upper triple clamp that raised and moved bars fwd. the Hondas and Husky's I've had did not push/turned great compared to the 07 yz250f. The updated 09 rear swingarm and linkage may help. I had a 09 yz450f and it liked to turn and didn't push like my 07 yz250f. They say offset triple clamps improve this. My Honda cr250 and my husky wr300 still turned better than the 09 yz450f I had. However, that 09 yz450f was a big improvement handling wise over the 07 yz250f I had.

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Moving the forks up in

the triple clamps will help steering

I have an 09 for sale if your interested I am a meticulous owner it's my pride and joy never let me down steers where you look has revalved suspension , fmf full exhaust , talon blue anodised hubs , Rfx Unbreakable levers , fuel screw, N style graphics , new o ring chain n talon sprockets not even turnt a revolution yet valves checked and new high compression vertex piston fitted march 2013 I only do practice sessions as I am 47 years old keeps me fit, number on bike denotes how old i am not paying homage to the doctor ...usual oil change every other ride filters cleaned every ride ... I live in Essex if your interested first pic is just out the crate February 2010 [W631065,100W631065,100W631065,100W631065,100attachment=120774:ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1392509765.041299.jpg]ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1392509887.072252.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1392509940.139199.jpg


ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1392509765.041299.jpg

FWIW, I bought my 07 from a TT member. He shipped it from MN to WA via a snowmobile bulk delivery to dealer. Great transaction experience!

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