need a destroyed engine 01 and up

hey guys,


figured id see if anyone has an unsalvageable RM250 engine lying around that they might want to part with. my last thread is regarding a  2000 engine in an 05 frame. for this project i should really have an engine with an external water pump. that being said, i have a rebuilt 2000 RM 250 engine that i will trade for an 01 and up that is junk. i have never run the engine, but i did put in a brand new top end and did the crank seals. i can shoot you pictures and a video of it if you want. i will never use it in a running bike.





I have an -01 engine which is easily the most wrecked thing I've ever seen..! Seized cylinder, grenaded transmission, auxiliary drives such as power valve governor, water pump gear blown into scrapnel, cases cracked, seized bearing journals and so on...

Everything's there though, so it outside appearance is OK, I guess.


If you want this true piece of junk swapped for a working, clean 2000 engine it's yours. Unfortunately, I'm in Europe, so shipping would be a bit costly ($200 range I think).



hey Lasse, the shipping will probably make it a bit difficult. i'll keep you posted if I cant find something on this side of the pond.. shipping might be less if everything was stripped out and just the cases, cylinder and clutch side cover was shipped.



Yes, that would make the thing way lighter, down to 1/3rd I think. Just let me know.



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