Is MMI a good school? I'm really thinking about going there after high school.

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the question is whats your goal by going there

the question is whats your goal by going there

dirt bike mechanic. I would love to be a factory mechanic

tough life man   to pay that much money to go to a school   you would need to luck out and land a job w/ a team. And evne then those guys dont get paid much, especially on sat. teams  , your employment is combustible at best  given how quickly teams start and shut down in the industry.    And then the other issue is if you dont land in  a team then you are stuck trying to open your own shop or working for a dealership. coming from someone who works at a large dealership,  dealer techs dont make squat. Most are struggling to pay back their loans on the exact same classes you are thinking about.  Your best bet is to intern with a shop learn on the side, be a shop rat, learn that way  and who knows what it leads to. 

go to college. 2 yr degree will provide you with much more benefit. when it comes to mechanics you either are good at it or you are not. You can learn that on your own. Best thing to do is find a career that will provide you with money. The motorcycle industry does not have that. If you get a 2yr degree from a comm college The opportunities will present themselves.

I was in the exact same situation as you. I'd LOVE to be a mechanic for one of the teams. I enjoy working on my bike just as much as riding it, it seems. The thing is, the more I look into being a mechanic the more I am turned away from it. Yea, you get to work on the best bikes (IF YOU EVEN GET A JOB WITH A TEAM), and work with top athletes.. But, the way the economy is now, it's so unpredictable and teams fold all the time. I want to start a family some day and the life those mechanics have.. just seems it wouldn't be that great. They are always traveling. I'd love to travel to the races and such, but there are other things in life that matter.


Bottom line is, times have changed. There ain't a whole lot of money in this sport. In my opinion the Cons far out-weigh the Pros.

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the top motorcyle guys make at the most 70-80k a year.  theres not much money in motorcycle mechanics 

yes it is a great school... BUT two years at MMI cost a lot when you consider you could spend the money on a degree at a university. Sure jobs are easy to get when you get out of MMI, but most of them are only paying 12-14 bucks an hour. The chances of becoming a factory mechanic and making decent money are about as good as becoming a pro rider. If you are going to spend 40 grand on an education it might be better to go into mechanical engineering and focus on prototype engines.


A few of my close friends went to MMI phoenix and 2 out of 3 defaulted on their student loans after graduating. Their Tech jobs at dealerships just didn't pay enough to cover bills and the cost of MMI. Being a motorcycle mechanic would be a really cool job, but it would be tough if you ever wanted to buy a decent car or a house. Plus dealerships who are the main employers of MMI grads seem to be closing fast than we can keep track of these days.


Of the 3 MMI graduates I know, only one of them turns a wrench for a living. The other 2 have gone into sales and construction. 

If you got a bunch of cash lay in around and wanna learn from a school how to wrench than do it. Do what makes you happy man. But seriously you could learn the same stuff if you just find a job sweeping floors for a bike shop and work up from there. If you've never worked on a bike it might look super techy. ... but motorcycles are one of the easiest things to work on. I currently wrench on heavy equipment (among other things) for my living and don't even understand how a school can be successful teaching ppl how to wrench on bikes. If you are capable of changing oil and air filters you can pretty much do anything on a bike (obviously you need the right tools once you start digging in to engines) But bikes are so simple it's ridiculous. And that's probably why they only make $12 a hour and have to work Saturdays. But $12 a hour doing something you enjoy is wayyyyyyy better than $20 doing something you hate.

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go to welding school instead.

get an engineering degree. Have some kids and use all your money to buy them dirt bikes. You'll end up fixing them constantly

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