XR4 plastics

Ten years out of production, wonder how long they will be available? I like to keep my bike looking nice, stock up or quit worrying about it?

From what I've seen, parts availability is alive and well. Still quite a few XR250/400's out there from the 96 and up era. Maybe in another 10 years that won't be the case but for now there seems to be plenty. I've been kicking myself for selling mine (stock plastic) since I bought the dam bike back. Plus, the CRF front fender / mx rear fender no longer looks as good to me as the stock ones do. I wish I could get mine back!! LOL!

Sorry Michigan I disagree. There are many xr plastics that are no longer available.. black side panels, black/red rear (Polisport) fender, and some others.


If I come across what I need, I'll buy a few just to have. If anything, you could always resell them later. I've kept an eye out and haven't come across what I want yet

uh oh, guess I better get started.

a year or so ago motosport put polisport out for cheap... front (crf) and rear fenders 5 bucks each and xr4 side panels for 8 or 10... i loaded up... sold most of them and made a few $$... think i ve got a set or two left... kept the originals tho'... 

Stock style fenders in red or white are still out there almost anywhere. Maybe not in black but the bike never came with black plastic so the demand is much lower. The molds ate still good so if enough people wanted black, there would be black. They're not available in orange or blue either but that don't mean you can't get "plastic" for it. The black ones pop up for sale every now and then used so keep a good eye out if that's what you want.

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