anyone else have this problem?

just wondering if anyone else has a problem dragging there brakes, an if so what they did to cure it, wondering if putting the brake up or down would work better one way or the other, I even ride with trials boots and still drag them.

I just keep my foot off the break pedal. Not very helpful i know but i guess moving the lever down might help. Or go with ronnie mac's style "breaks only slow you down".

I'm a heavy brake dragger, it's not a problem and its a good habit to have....

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Having the pedal a little lower is better than riding duck footed and catching a hidden stump or rock.

get off your arches and onto the balls of your feet.

^^ I used to drag the brake. I lowered the pedal and concentrated on using the balls of my feet. Problem solved.

I used to run the pedal way low to keep off it but have ended up with it higher and higher over the years; it's a just a little bit above level with the footpeg now. This is derived from the braking technique I use: Balls of feet on pegs (always), unless rear brake is needed. I then shift my foot forward so that my arch-to-heel area is on the peg and shift weight forward. I have found this to be a comfortable and foolproof way to modulate the brake with little effort or thought process because I am typically front braking as well and my body is just naturally shifting forward. I can ALWAYS tell if my foot is on it due to the raised height and it much easier to cover for wheelies. 

I'm a heavy brake dragger, it's not a problem and its a good habit to have....

How is dragging your brake good?

How is dragging your brake good?

Suspension action, relating to bike control is vastly improved!!!

I like to drag all the time but it is probably piss poor posture like you said, it definitely helps through a choppy rut but at the end of 2hrs- hare scrambles she gets real warm I'll work on the posture an maybe move it up a touch.

How is dragging your brake good?

Helps you jump farther!

You established a bad riding technique.

When you ride on the balls of you feet it makes it easier to squeeze the bike with your legs

Focus on riding properly every time n you'll develop the correct technique

IMO.   there's time for balls or arches. gripping with knees or ankles or saying loose. Tools in the tool box. Another bad habit might be just only using one technique.


Depends on your style. Primarily, I ride standing so I run my lever on the low side that way I'm always covering it, but not necessarily dragging it. No way I could make it through a 100 mile enduro if I drug it even half the time. Experiment and find your sweet spot. There aren't any rules dictating what position your lever has to be in.

Good luck and have fun!

I replace the pedal return spring with one that's three times as strong.This helps cause it takes more effort to apply the brake.


When the rotor starts to get hot the brake squawks real loud and tells me to get off of it.


It seems to me that dragging the brake slightly in tight tree sections give me more steering control.I try to stay off of it as much as I can,but usually release the back brake later than the front in tight corners.

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