CRF150F or KX85

My 11 year old son has a nice crf150f but he is begging for a KX85. Mostly trail riding a little track. What says the hive? I think the crf is a little heavy for him. I welcome your thoughts.

New or used ?

Pros of crf150f: you already have it. Very reliable. Low maintenance. Smooth, linear power.

Cons: heavy, limited suspension, hard to develop skills beyond basics.

KX85 is a fun ride and could help develop skills as he grows and prepare him for big bikes. They are a blast to ride trails or track. They do require more maintenance but would be good for learning to wrench.

Ultimately only you know if he is ready for a move but it would definitely be beneficial for him.

Sorry for giving info you prob already know and not really answering a question.:rolleyes:

Yeah , that's why I ask , new or used .

If used .. You need to choose carefully

Used. A 2006 model. What should I look for?

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Look for wear or damage that will mean spending money .

Take someone with experience with you to check it out .

I bought it. Bike looked good, starts right up idles fine. Fmf pipe ash levers

Congrats! Hope it works out well.

So far so good. He loves it. Just pulled his first real wheelie.

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