Shaheen's obsesion....


.......with Stewart. Go back and watch Phoenix from this year. Then watch RV triple out of a corner that Stewart didn't do, and actually passed Stewart by putting togther this section. One of the many times a rider puts together a section Stewart doesn't, and the guys in the booth aren't hollaring and doing somersaults over it.


Not a bashing Stewart thread, just Shaheen, and his love and bias for Stewie. Get him outta there!

dont forget about "gritty" chad reed

Out with Shaheen

In with Diana ( obsessed )

Ralph is such a fag and imo he does nothing for the quality of the show.

Ralph told me that RV can't wait to get back to the east he can put the power down and turn with the rear wheel

dont forget about "gritty" chad reed


He's another one of the "many."

The more threads like this that pop up and point out the obvious one liners that these guys hang off of are making it hard to watch these guys. I'll continue to PVR so I can skip most of it

well hes not nearly as bad as when he first started and had no frickin clue about the sport, he still sux tho. I miss david baily commentating hes still the goat.


I cant remeber who the riders were but one rider was drifting towards another rider in the air and ralph said to ricky He pushed him in the air! did you see that ricky? ricky said I didn't see that... I was LMAO cuz all the rider did was cross his bars and it kinda looked like he took his hand off and pushed him lol

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They're pimping to the people that buy FOX shirts at department stores. Calling the known riders.

I liked what Windham was doing, telling the camera director which riders to follow. Of course Sheheen said, "one race and he is directing.". More like over a decade of racing and he knows Supercross, what is the most interesting. KW should be good.

i dont see why they dont hire weege full time instead of outdoors. He is way better the Ralph

i dont see why they dont hire weege full time instead of outdoors. He is way better the Ralph


I don't care much for "Weege," but is at least tolerable, and can get the riders names right for the most part, (among other things.) He'd be light years ahead of Shaheen. And we wouldn't have to hear his constant useless number facts while putting the foot on Carmichael trying to point out a good battle or crash.



RC; Ohhhhh! (crowd going nuts in the background,) Roczen almost goes down trying to get ar........


............Shaheen; and this will be "so and so's" fifth supercross start here at Oakland tonight, the fans lloking forward to that........

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