finished my frame ttr frame cradel (pics)

Ok so I finally got medal and built a frame cradle/skid plate .  I decided to go with 3/4" steel square stock.  Check out the pics.P2140015.JPGP2140019.JPGP2140016.JPG

Right on, looks heavy duty, smooth those welds and blast some blue paint on it and that will be right on. That's the only thing I hate about Yamaha trail bikes, why the hell don't they make them with a full frame? F'n stupid, can't believe they think that's a good idea.

I pulled the cradle off my the bike and ground it and painted it :thumbsup:  Here is the pics.



Looks Great! Is it for a ttr 230? Would you mind giving out the measurements? I'd like to do the same thing! 

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