What are your thoughts on Enduro & Motocross?

what do you guys think about Enduro?


What do you guys think about Motocross?


Which one is truly better in your opinion? 



I like to watch both , I prefer MX .

Enduro/hair scrambles all the way.

Better than riding circles

A real rider can ride anything.

Hardly just circles beni...this isnt nascar. lol



I ride trails and MX...I like both for different reasons. So I really dont have a favorite persay. I will say that I really like tracks for the ability to work on a part in particular...and see if I can improve on it. Trails, while there is some similarities...aside from riding the whole trail again, I would never go back and do the same section again. BUT I like trails for being out in the woods...stopping and hangin out for a lil bit out there, etc. Probably do an enduro RACE or two this year. I heard they got rid of the timers at some of them, I think I would enjoy that more then worrying about checkpoints, but I guess on the other hand it doesn't weed out the off chance someone cuts somehow.

Blondes or brunettes, which one is better? My answer to that is the same as MX or Enduro....I like them both but for different reasons. There is no better.

Enduro & hs

I'm too old for jump cross!

Enjoy both. If I'm on a bike, I like it. Well, except FMX, not my thing. 

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