Updated frontend/fork swap for KX500 - KX450F, YZ450F?

I'm looking to swap a newer set of front forks to my 98KX500. Thinking of 08+ KX450F, CRF450R or YZ450F complete front end with wheel.

Has anyone tried this ? I thinking a custom triple clamp would be req'd. I want to retain the stock geometry or slightly sharper turning...thanks! 

The current YZ SSS forks are supposed to be about the best out there. That is a rare swap, as most with a 500 want to maintain the "vintage" appeal.


A fork swap isn't too tough if you have the entire front end, including brakes.  At worst, you should only have to press out your stem and press it into the YZ lower clamp.  You may need to have some spacers machined, or have the stem knurled to fit.  That is assuming your stem is long enough, most are workable. 


KDX riders would gladly buy your forks and triples, as they are a drop in for a KDX.  There is a whole section about fork swaps on kdxrider.net.

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