kx85 crank differences ? sappers whare are you...

a while back I acquired a kx85 motor with a blown rod but all so a crank in a bag so tonight I thought I would split the cases and throw in the good crank. I got the cranks together side by side and noticed on the water pump  end their is splines, the difference is one of the cranks splines are cut for a snap ring on the end and the other not cut for a snap ring and their is the additional threaded end that's not on the original crank.

wth the cranks look same otherwise so I guess I'm asking can this crank work ? was their a model year change at some point? could it be so simple that I may only have to get a washer and nut?

I cant be the only guy to come across this

Model year change between 05-06 I think(at least that's when kawi changed it for the big bikes)

The cranks are the same otherwise yes.

Not sure on if you need just a snap ring or gears as well, to make it work.

It's come up several times before but AFAIK no one on here has spent the time and money making it work so not sure on what is needed.


Best bet is just have the correct crank lopes pressed onto the good pin, bearing and rod.

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ya 05 to 06 it changed thanks guys

05 and ealier used a snap ring. 06-13 used a LH (reverse thread) nut.

06' and later crank and ignition will go into the older cases, crank has different keyway location which means different pickup location on flywheel.

Older stuff will not fit into newer cases without machining stator plate and tapping the 3rd screw location boss is there though. Major pain in the ass but I did get new stuff in older cases.

snap ring style came out of my cases - so to avoid hassle that's what I will put back in.

if any one has a decent usable 100 cylinder with power valve assembly you might want to sell pm me

I have a 2mm stroker crank rebuilt by TDC 2 Stroke performance (snap ring style) $75. Never run after rebuild.


e-mail is snrbender@aol.com

email sent

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