1989 yz 125

Hello, this is my first post on this site. I just got a seized 125 for 200 bucks and already got it unseized pretty easily. My question is what other years will fit in the 89 frame and is there any other different cc motors that will fit? I found a broken needle bearing in the lower end so I don't know how long she will last for!! Also does anyone have any parts for this bike I could buy? Thanks in advance ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1392440969.390387.jpg

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Can anyone help me out? It fired back up and seized again.... It's seizing in the bottom end

Why not just rebuild it?

Don't run it the way it is. It will end up costing you triple in the long run. Rebuild it. Wiseco makes a crank for around $250-$300. More than worth it for a $200 bike.

Why not just rebuild it?

I guess that would be the best option. I've never done the bottom end before and don't have the special tools so I was hoping I could use a yz 250 motor or could find a cheap lower end.

Why not just rebuild it?

I got it to kinda fire today and it locked up good this time. I took the jug off and the crack shaft seems like it pinned the connecting rod because it's hard to move. Sucks because I just put a new piston and rings and I was hopping it was only gonna cost me 3 hundred for a running bike

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