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250T, 350F or 450F. Very torn!

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So i just sold my 2011 Crf250r. (Just a weekend rider)


Mainly because i wanted a 2 stroke instead, to try and avoid costly rebuilds and i did find the the 250f a little boring. 


I spent all day today on a 2002 rm250 and now i'm torn even more on what i want to buy next. 


It was incredibly fun to casually ride around on and hit band, but as soon as i met up with my mates and started riding the tighter rut tracks and whoops i started hating it. 

I got tired fast, the vibrations gave me hand cramp and i missed the low down torque in the tight turns.

I don't have the skill to keep these bikes in the power around the tracks that we ride.


I'm now leaning towards a KTM 350 or a 450 (any model) but I haven't ridden one so i'm not sure what i'm in for...

Also a little worried now looking at a USED 4 stroke compared to a 2 stroke. 

Any help appreciated!



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