DRZ400SM make over.

about a month ago the wife decided that i was no longer alowed to by any more bikes until i pay one of them off. but she did say i could buy some stuffs for the drz since im actually keeping this one!!!! i swear!!!



day  i got her home.




ok so in these picks the bike looks great, but there are a lot of problems here:
-off brand red (at one time atleast) chain
- krylon paint job on the plastics and poor quality paint on the gas tank
- rat nest of wires behind the speedo
- original speedo MIA

- stains on the exhaust pipe (free mrd ssw FTW!!! thanks PO!)

- turkey baster mod (neither bad or good, just noting it)

- missing front sprocket cover 
- front rim looked like a beaver got after it!!

the header wrap was me 

so then i decided to strip the plasics down and plastidip them. and at distance the bike looked great!
me at the gap:





so then i decided i wanted to go faster and look better and rather than sell the bike i opped to freshin her up a bit 

- zeta front sprocket cover
- orbits o ring chain

- protaper fat bar risers

- protaper bars

- cycra handgaurd handle bar mounts 

- protaper 48t rear sprocket

- suncoast 16t front ( theres a reason for the odd gearing) 
- polished the front rims lip

- polished the rear break lever
- polished the case plug and starter cover
- polished the gear leaver
- new adjustable clutch lever
- new dp clutch
- painted the gas tank (professionally painted)

- new ufo plastics sm kit, white

- new ufo white fork guards

- new white head light shroud (yeah at the low low price of 69.96) 

- new factory effects MRD white graphics
- new TT FCR 39  carb (if your still thinking about it....buy it) 

- hid headlight

- re-shimed valves

- plasti-dip'd the valve cover

- new spark plug

- replaced ALL  the body bolts (the missmatched mess they were) with stainless allen head bolts

- new brakes

- new break fluid

- fresh oil change

- new bt 003 batalax's front an rear

- folding bar end mirror

- low pro turn signals


im sure im forgetting something lol but this is the end result!



all and all im sitting with cost of bike at about 4500.00. im going to ride the hell out of it until it becomes motor time! then im going for valves, springs, seats, cams, ICE CUBE 455 bb kit 12:1, stroker kit and wide ratio gears. 

Edited by Le Rocco

Those graphics do look good on white....well done mate.... :thumbsup:

Yah .. Nice work

loctite fixes ? swingarm bushings ? head bearings ? 


crash protection ? 


you know, the stuff that matters ;-) 

Bad asss.

loctite fixes ? swingarm bushings ? head bearings ? 


crash protection ? 


you know, the stuff that matters ;-) 

all but the shifter side protection, due to a crash scrubbing it off and i never found it. still waiting on pay check for the fork sliders (skateboard wheels). swingarm was gone through when i got it, have yet to do the head bearings and ALL locktite mods are done, again when i got it. i havent read about the head bearing problems so thats news to me but now i will look into it. thanks for that! 

Very nice,   you've added lots of nice upgrades,  awesome bike you got. 

IMO, white drz's are the best!

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