Setting up 07 CR250 for freestyle. Will a heavier oil do the job?

I'm currently preparing for an upcoming season. Bought myself CR125 for MX, so now my CR250 can finally be tuned for freestyle (it was used for both MX and FMX last season, so I didn't do anything to the suspension).

My question is, can I get away with changing to a heavier oil? Cause I weigh 148 pounds without gear and stock suspension was working just fine, but all clickers were all the way in. I've never bottomed it, even when flat landing, but I'd like not to turn the clickers all the way in, cause, as far as I understand, it makes oil degrade quicker.

What would you recommend? Oil weight/height? The  suspension is bone stock Showa. Bike will be used for freestyle (90%) and goon freeriding :D (10%).
Also, what are your opinions on Factory Connection SX spring seats and oil lock collars?

If your not bottoming a 7.5wt inner and 10wt in the outer chamber should work well

Thanks mog. Do you have any info about the stock oil weight/volume for inner/outer chambers?

St is 5wt in both and 190cc inner ( actually you overfill it and push in the base valve ) and outer will be 350-410 but for mx 360 is about the norm

Thanks again. So 7.5 should work fine (i guess 10 in the inner chamber would be overkill).

Bu the way, can I use heavier oil in the rear shock?

P.S. Any opinions on FC SX spring seats and oil lock collars? :-)

If your not bottoming now I can't see the point of the spring seats etc , you could use a 7.5wt in the shock but it will fade if you try to use it on a mix track and get it really hot

I got the point. Thanks a lot! :thumbsup:

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