Protaper bend for women ?

I want to change the handlebar on my girlfriend CR125R


I can't tell the bend she had right now because the print is erased but I can tell you is not the OEM bend




My girlfriend ride pretty well but she's only 5` 4`` and it's really hard to identify a good bend only with the numbers on protaper website...



Someone have a way to get the good one or some sudgestion, thank a lot

There's no "women" bend for bars, and there's no reason for there to be. There are soo many different bars available, she just needs to find the right one for her. A one size woman bend wouldn't work, for the same reason a one size man bar wouldn't work. There's too many variables.


With that said, I'd try a Ricky Carmichael bend bar. He is short. So that would be a good place to start.

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I'd look at her riding position and see where she is on the bike.

She should be in a netural position, straighter bars with less bend will force her to to ride more forward.

Bars with more sweep bring the hands back but the rider has less leverage.

Woman have less upper body strenght, too much sweep might give her less control.

Pull a tape on her bars, check the protaper website and compair the numbers...take your best guess.

I'd put a scotts steering stabilizer on her bike for safety reasons...just a suggestion

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