Best Clutch Lever?

I am currently using wertz unbreakable levers on my 2006 cr250 and my clutch feels very heavy. the bike has had a full new clutch including a new cable and the clutch is still hard to pull. when I put my brothers zeta unbreakable levers on the bike it frees up quite a bit. so, it your opinion what is the best clutch lever you can buy? i'd prefer it to be unbreakable as I do enduro and after 2 hours riding, what fatigue sets in, crashing is inevitable.

If it is not a 'bearing' type lever you can convert almost all of them to a bearing type lever. Find a HK0810 needle bearing, and a 12mm drill bit. The bearing is 8mm Id, 12mm od, and 10mm wide. It's a needle type bearing and will run directly on to the existing pivot Bolt. Alternatively you can get an 'inner race's, 6mm id, 8mm od, 10mm long and use a regular m6 Bolt down through. This is preferable as the inner race has a proper ground 'bearing' finish to it for the rollers to run on.

Take a look at the moose ez clutch and perch, it has 3 places to set the barrel.

It's the bet I have found so far to ease pull.

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