Windham crashes at TX


Wow, hope he's OK.

I hope is ok too, dude says got that one film....

It looked a little wet, maybe he spun out causing him to come up short?

Looked like the water truck had put down some water in that area, anyway hope he didnt get hurt on that one.


Gotta wonder if thats something he does just because he wants to or if he gets some extra $ for it, my guess is probably both?

He was on the live timing commentating like it was no big deal.

I'd say he's fine.

Yup he said he was a little ruffed up but will be making the transition later this evening.  He also said if he keeps crashing like that he might as well come back and race - jokingly of course

He alway's make's it.........wrong.

Wow , K Dub chewed for sure Looked Nasty .

I've never seen him crash on one of those transfers. He's getting rusty

I hope KW is ok, one more example of how HONDA just seems to SUCK these days!

You think a Kawi would have made that transition?.....or a KTM?

I bet Barcia was jealous of all the attention KDub gets, even thou he's retired, and tried taking him out too.

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