Moving to San Jose from Atlanta


Any advise for a rider that's moving from Georgia to San Jose? I ride a 13 ktm 300xc mostly trails here. What are the top spots to ride and their travel times? Would like to drive less than 2 hours one way. I don't mind tracks but the older I get I like the trails more.

Look up Hollister hills, I don't think it's too far away from san Jose

1) Santa Clara  county motorcycle park, 15 min. south of San Jose.

2) Carnegie OHV park, Livermore 45 mins. to a hour north/east of San Jose

3) Hollister Hills OHV park,  45 mins. to an hour south of San Jose

But to ride real forest trails you will have to drive 2 hours +

What about Metcalf.  I cut my teeth at Metcalf.  Sure it's small but I have good memories of Honda Hill.  :thumbsup:

What about Metcalf.  I cut my teeth at Metcalf.  Sure it's small but I have good memories of Honda Hill.  :thumbsup:

Agreed, Metcalf a great place to practice skills..Haven't been there in a cupola years, but had some great and challenging super secret single track believe it or not..

Thanks for all the help, getting ready to pack up the 300 and head west. See you guys on the trail in a few weeks. 

As others have mentioned, Hollister Hills is great and only an hour from San Jose.

Surprised nobody mentioned Clear Creek. You'll want to go with a few knowledgable people, and BE PREPARED! (in every sense of the word)

Welcome to California!

When you get to San Jose go see Frank at Engines Only. Not only is he a top notch mechanic but he knows just about anyplace to ride in NorCal.

Welcome to Cali. I too have recently moved to San Jose.  Well I still have my place in So Cal, but work up this way during the week and split the weekends.  Getting ready to bring a bike or two up this was at the end of May.  Need to check out these areas as well.

 Join or just cyber stalk at southbayriders and learn everything you can about the Clear Creek recreation area.

A little further away there are numerous BLM and National Forest riding areas, most are 3hrs from SJ. 

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Bike finally arrived, got my nonresident sticker, and a sparky on the way. Should be riding this weekend if the weather holds.

Once again thanks to all for the info. Really looking forward to this Cali riding. If it's like the mtn biking it will be awesome

I live in Fremont just north of you.  Metcalfi s the standard spot for the weekend exercise.  Metcalf offers a little of everything but it is tiny,  it is never the less riding and it is SO close. they just revised the MX track which is always fun.  Hollister is more of the same but much bigger.  This weekend is the VCGP which is a must do at some point.  I am riding out of woods ranch this weekend near clear creek.  Clear Creek is Closed..........  Clear Creek has been called the best the California has to offier.  Welcome to Cali, north or south there is a ton of riding to be had and its all good.

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