When Wash Your Bike...YOU?

I just read a great article on washing you bike in the April 2014 Dirt Rider. Dr. Dirt did the article.




I want to purchase one but want one that people have positive reviews on. This is not something to cheap out on. I figured a no name on can not fit properly and allow water to enter.


Any other tips? I'm always worried about water entering the fuel area or compromising the  fuel tanks.



This photo is taken from me at Unidilla 2009. Goose cleaning up Reedy's bike.

mine involves a large plastic bag and the stock air cleaner assembly.

i tape off the 2 entry points on my side panels and thats it.  been doing it like that forever and its fine

I own and use a airbox cover, works awesome!

+1 on the airbox cover and the exhaust plug...

+1 on trash bag and duct tape.

I use the KTM air filter box cover (7720699800004). Only $10 and does a great job.

i tape off the 2 entry points on my side panels and thats it.  been doing it like that forever and its fine


I bought one but returned it bc air box covers don't work too well . I just grab carb cleaner and a shop rag to clean out the air box

Plastic bag.


Now I've got the intake tract cover.

The twin air cover works awesome, shaped exactly like the air box. Seals awesome, easy to use. Love a clean air filter and air box .


Loudmouth cover, keep my air box clean and filter cleanings are much easier. 




News to me...I just clean it out the hard way I guess. I try to not put my hose spray right up the pipe, nor near the other electric bits. Maybe I'll get one of those airbox covers.

I use an airbox cover (twin air) for washing and travel. It works very well for a thorough wash when you need to take off the seat and run the hose through the airbox. For basic hose downs when you don't plan on changing your filter, just take off the seat, wrap a plastic bag grocery bag around your filter, put the seat back on and spray her down. Just remember to take off the bag afterward

I use a Twin Air cover and it works great. Keeps your airbox looking fresh! 


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