First round of the VCHSS 3/16!


Woohoo. I can't wait. Track is awesome. Our guys have been putting in some fresh trail just for the race. 

Can't wait. This will be my first VCHSS race. 

Looking forward to it! Just moved back to the Arlington and don't know any riders in the area. If any of you are going out for a ride before the 16th and don't mind another riding tagging along, let me know! It'd be great to start meeting folks. 



Looking forward to this race, going to be my first one with VCHSS

Trails are looking great. Weather is looking great. and the people a great.


DDPEMBERTON, We have some members that live in your area. Come see me this weekend, bike # 850 YZ250, or check out our club membership booth sat and Sun

Just want to say that this race was top notch. Awesome course, and good conditions.The crew behind this put on one heck of a race. I had a blast. I don't think that I've ever wanted one more lap at the end but at this race I definitely did. Great work by everyone involved, I'm looking forward to round two!

Glad you enjoyed it. We had a great time building the track and hosting it. Round 2 should be just as fun. Chuck always puts in a great course.

I didn't race but the trails looked good from what I can see I will be back for the next one. I might even race this one

Question for you guys about bike numbers....


I just applied for an AMA membership(competition license), and it seemed kind of unclear about how to pick your VCHSS number.  This will be my first race ever, and on the D13 sign-up form it asks for your number.  Do I just leave it blank, or use part of my AMA  number?  

Just leave it blank. This last race was my first one with VCHSS. At registration they asked if they were holding a number for me to which I replied no. Then the had a list for my class and I was allowed to choose a number. They gave me 3 sheets of contact paper so I could write my number and class designation letter on there then put them on my number plates. Really easy and relatively painless process. I was planning on moving before this next one but that looks like it's going to take a little longer than expected so it looks like I'll be at the next round as well. Cesper, what class are you going to sign up for?

I'm honestly not sure what class I should do.  This will be my first off-road race, and I'm on a KX125 so most likely 200C?  Haven't done much riding with others, except my buddy who has only been riding since last year.  I've ridden street for 11-12 years and raced Downhill Mtb. for a few years.  I'll probably just race in the C class and see how it goes.  

You might also consider the trailrider class just to get a feel for the racing. It's a non-points class that starts on the back row of the morning event.Or an age class if you're 30+. I'll be riding in the +30c class. I'm pretty sure the 200c class starts on the front row of the morning event. Either way, good luck, it's a lot of fun.

Cool, thanks for the tips.  I think I'm leaning towards 200C or maybe the 30+C, but I'll just decide when I get there.  Question for you guys about filling up gas...  Approx. how many miles are you small-bore 2 strokers getting on a tank?  I have the stock 2 gallon KX125 tank, and I'm not going to be able to ride much before the race.  I was also dealing with leaking crank seal/jetting issues all fall and winter, so I'm really unsure about my mileage.  I was planning on bringing an EZ-up tent and just making it easy to spot while out on the bike.  I assume there is a designated place past the timing area?


I'm excited though, can't wait!  

You can pit almost anywhere as long as you get back on the track where you came off. Most of the C races are under 30 miles and a stocker tank will cover it. M son used to race a CR85 with stock tank and could make the whole thing. Get your jetting correct and you should be fine.

Awesome, thanks!  I think I will be able to get out this Sunday for one more ride, I'll make sure to pay attention to the mileage.  Still have a little bit of jetting to sort out too and some new handgaurds.  See you there!

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